The World's Most Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

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Artisanal Stained Glass, Handmade in Salt Lake City

Stained Glass Salt Lake City is a craft-oriented studio that specializes in the production of artisanal, handmade stained glass. Our team is made up of some of the most prestigious glass artisans in the country, as well as experienced designers and highly trained professionals.

We seek to create beautiful, meaningful works of art to occupy the homes and properties of the clients we serve. Our stained and leaded glass windows are all custom made in Salt Lake City and are authentically produced using decades old techniques which have been passed down through generations. Their immense charm and distinct appearance makes them the highlight of every home, church, and business they occupy. 

If you are looking to add elegance, privacy, or natural light to your property in Salt Lake City, our stained glass windows are the perfect choice. Their exquisite beauty and astounding intricacy will amaze every visitor who passes through your front door. 

Stained Glass Styles

Stained Glass Windows can be made for virtually any room in your home. A huge benefit of stained glass includes an increased level of privacy with a beautiful design that allows natural light to stream through.


At Scottish Stained Glass Salt Lake City everything we do is custom designed. Our designers are experts at helping you to narrow down the choices and choose the best option for your home.

Repair & Restoration

We are big supporters of restoring old glass. For one thing the textures and colors of old stained glass have unique qualities to them which are worthy of preservation and difficult to replicate.