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3 Reason You Should Repair Instead of Remove Your Salt Lake City Home’s Antique Stained Glass

A lot of homeowners here in Salt Lake City that have antique stained glass on their home are finding it is in need of restoration. Since, windows made around the beginning of the 20th century were built to last about 100 years before needing restoration, many older homes are due. Some homeowners want to simply remove the stained glass and replace it with something newer. But, stained glass is not that hard to have repaired and is well worth it. Furthermore, once restored, stained glass windows on your Salt Lake City home will last another century before needing restoration again. Meaning your lovely stained glass windows will likely outlive you in your home. But there are plenty of benefits to you while you still reside in your house too.

  1. Stained Glass Keeps Your Home’s Vintage Look: While we make amazing stained glass vintage recreations and some pretty stunning modern stained glass windows too. However, nothing can beat the look of your Salt Lake City home’s original stained glass. The colors used at the turn of the 20th century have an unmistakably look and a certain vintage hue. Likewise, the design choices perfectly blend with your vintage home’s architecture. By restoring your stained glass you keep the entire vintage look of your home intact and as elegant as the day it was built.
  2. Stained Glass Increases Your Home’s Value: Stained glass on a home, both new or old, have significant value when it comes to appraisal time. Should you have it restored, your stained glass will be worth that much more. But, there are also other factors to consider in regard to value-added. Curb appeal from entryway sidelights and transom windows and privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms are all valuable when you go to sell and could help your home sell faster and for more.
  3. Stained Glass Is Incredibly Functional: Besides the incredible aesthetic value that stained glass gives to your home, there is the functional aspect of stained glass to consider as well. It is the perfect way to add privacy to your home but never feel shut-in like you may with curtains or blinds. Vintage stained glass on your Salt Lake City homes entryway, sidelights or bedroom windows were installed as a privacy measure years ago. This type of privacy solution has not lost its potency and, in fact, is the reason most stained glass is installed to this day!

For more information on restoration on the historical or vintage stained glass in your Salt Lake City home, contact us at Stained Glass Salt Lake City today!