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The Five Amazing Modern Stained Glass Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Although it’s not commonly considered as such, stained glass is modern. When people hear the word stained glass, they usually think of windows in old churches or vintage homes like we have in Salt Lake City. However, there has been a fantastic resurgence of the craft in recent years that you can see evidence of on social media outlets such as Instagram. While there are many great posts about stained glass art on Instagram, we found five artist accounts that you absolutely cannot miss!


Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 1






This artist’s beautiful, ethereal stained glass wall hangings are created with soft color combinations and simple shapes.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 2










This creative artist added a unique new spin to traditional stained glass. She uses strong geometric forms and contemporary color choices to create stunning stained glass wall decorations that are perfect in the 21st century.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 3










This artist’s work is characterized by the use of delightful colors and ancient Arabic-style shapes that come together to create stunning stained glass windows.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 4










This artist designs beautiful everyday items out of stained glass, and they are both playful and whimsical. Her most popular goods, however, are these magnificent stained glass hair combs.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 5






Not only does this company produce beautiful, modern, and vintage stained glass windows, but they are especially known for their stunning modern stained glass architectural installations!

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