Religious Stained Glass

Stained glass art has its roots in the design of places of worship across the world. Since as far back as the fifth century AD, artisans have been crafting stained glass creations to adorn the walls of their churches, temples, monasteries, mosques and synagogues. Though the techniques by which we craft and install stained glass windows have come a long way since 658 AD, the standards of beauty and craftsmanship of religious stained glass installments have endured into the 21st century. 

At Stained Glass Salt Lake City, we take great pride in honoring the enduring connection between the art of stained glass and religious institutions. We work with religious groups of all denominations to create custom stained glass installments for places of worship, both large and small, across the nation. For nearly 30 years, we have worked with hundreds of different religious institutions across 38 states to create custom designs that are perfectly tailored to the style of each unique space. We work closely with church leaders and incorporate our vast knowledge of tradition with the concepts and specifications of each client to create beautiful stained glass installations, exclusively designed for your religious space. Whether you are looking for just one window or an entire temple of stained glass windows, we have the resources to help craft the perfect solution for your place of worship.  

In addition to our custom design services, we also offer stained glass restoration services. Ancient, traditional stained glass windows are common in older churches. While these windows are stunning pieces of history, they loose much of their structural integrity over time. With over 25 years of experience restoring stained glass, our experts are available to provide restoration consultations as well as comprehensive stained glass restoration solutions.