Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

Many vintage homes, churches, and historical sites feature stunning stained glass windows and doors that were built over 100 years ago. These historical artifacts are both beautiful and fragile, and after many years of natural wear, can loose their structural integrity and crack. Our expert stained glass craftsmen at Stained Glass Salt Lake City have been repairing antique stained glass for over 25 years for clients across the nation. If you have a piece of antique glass that you cherish but is deteriorating or cracked, our team can assist you in restoring the glass to its original luster. 

The process of restoring an antique stained glass piece is fairly straightforward.

1. The antique glass piece in need of restoration is carefully removed from it’s frame by one of our professionals. If necessary, a temporary window is inserted into the frame while the piece is being restored.

2. The piece is transported back to our glass workshop, where it is soaked in a special solution for 10 days. This solution gently softens the cement binding the glass to the lead and cleans the glass. 

3. The window is then dismantled. Usable glass is saved, while broken glass fragments are recycled or repurposed.

4. Our experts will then determine the profiles of the lead and glass utilized in the original piece. These profiles are then used to create glass and lead compounds to match the original components of the piece. 

5. The piece is rebuilt according to its original specifications with new glass and lead where necessary. The window’s structure is reinforced with bonding concrete.

6. The window is cleaned and polished. It is then transported carefully back to its original home and refitted into its frame. 

And that’s it! Your antique glass has been restored. If you have a piece of antique stained glass that you love but is deteriorating or cracked, our stained glass experts have the experience and technology to restore your stained glass without loosing any of the original integrity of the piece. For more information or to set up a free consultation, please contact us today!