Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows For Salt Lake City Homes

Stained glass windows are a lovely way to add elegance and style to any area of your Salt Lake City home.  This age-old art form is as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago as it has developed into the craft it is today.  Whether you are looking to add privacy to your Salt City home or perhaps are looking for an eye-catching element to design an entire room around, stained glass will more than meet your needs.  Beautiful and functional stained glass fits harmoniously in any place in your Salt Lake City home—just look and see!

Bathroom Stained Glass

The perfect place to add a lovely stained glass window to give your bathroom the luxury you have always craved, while at the same time giving you the privacy you definitely need.

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Kitchen Stained Glass Windows

A wonderful place to add stained glass cabinet doors or dividers but also perfect for those windows that face towards other homes to add a bit of privacy.

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Entryway Stained Glass Windows

The best thing about these windows is they make a lasting impression of elegance on your guests and a magnificent pop of style to your home.

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Stained Glass Sidelights

Wonderful for letting in natural light into your home and but still only allowing for a limited view of your home from the street.

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Hallway Stained Glass Windows

The perfect addition for a sometimes hard to decorate area that breathes beauty and new life into a traditionally mundane area.

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Stained Glass Transom Windows

A great way to add elegance and style to any window in your home that has a transom above it, without any loss of natural light.

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Commercial Stained Glass Windows In Salt Lake City

Stained glass installments are the perfect solution for many commercial establishments looking to stand out,  up their competitive game or add privacy.  The ability of stained glass windows to manipulate light and opacity means that they are able to fill the needs of various areas inside and out in areas like restaurant partitions, decorative bars areas, conference rooms, hotel lobbies and many more.

Church Stained Glass Windows In Salt Lake City

There is no shortage of churches in Salt Lake City and therefore a clear need for the time-honored stained glass tradition to brighten these institutions.  Whether you are looking for a bold, free hanging foyer piece of stained glass or a full, luxurious window to bring new life to your chapel’s aesthetics, stained glass is the absolute pinnacle of modern church design.

Stained Glass Repair And Restoration And Custom Work In Salt Lake City

At Stained Glass Salt Lake City we take great pride in our ability to do breathtaking custom stained glass windows for home and churches alike.  However, our craftsmen are also well versed and highly skilled in restoring stained glass for homes and churches too.  Whether your glass is very new or vintage and extremely valuable, we are the company to trust to bring your cherished glass back to life and luster.