Leaded Glass Windows

Beautiful Leaded Glass Windows for Salt Lake City Properties

Your home is your pride and joy. You want your family and guests to feel comfortable when they’re in your home and be able to enjoy themselves. And every time someone new comes to visit, you want them to get the right impression. Adding leaded glass windows to your Salt Lake City home will make it look radiant and create a delightful atmosphere that you can share with those you love most.

Why Choose Leaded Glass?

Leaded glass is the aesthetic of choice for property owners who prefer a more contemporary look. While it is made in a similar manner, it differs ever so slightly from traditional stained glass in the way that it uses clear, colorless pieces. These are carved and arranged in an artistic manner that allows the panel to create privacy for the room it occupies while also establishing an air of dignity and elegance. You’ll get the same seclusion that blinds and curtains provide, but with the added benefits of more light and a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Handcrafted & Created by Experienced Artisans

Over the three decades that we’ve been in business, we’ve created countless leaded glass windows for Salt Lake City properties. Among others, this includes original works for churches, homes, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments. When you work with us, you’ll get access to a team of experienced artisans. All of our leaded glass panels are handmade in our workshop and are unique, one-of-a-kind compositions.

An Eye-Catching Addition to Any Room

One of the joys of leaded glass is its versatility. Because it is colorless, it can be easily incorporated into nearly any room, no matter the existing color scheme or décor.

Whether you’re thinking about improving your kitchen, bathroom, or entryway, we know that you know your home best and will leave it up to you to decide where to install it in your home. If you’d like suggestions in regards to the design or destination, we will be glad to lend our advice. Your vision is yours; we’re simply here to guide you in the right direction! 

Elevate Your Home with Leaded Glass

Begin the process today. Contact Stained Glass Salt Lake City to speak to a professional about leaded glass windows for your home. Or book an appointment for your one-on-one consultation with a professional designer. Call now to get in touch!