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stained glass restoration salt lake city

Make Your Commercial Space Stand Out with Historical Stained Glass Restoration in Salt Lake City

Stained glass windows are often looked at as an outdated feature, where in fact they’re very valuable. If you’re lucky enough to own or rent a commercial property with historic stained glass in Salt Lake City, you have some major advantages against your competition.

People are naturally attracted to stained glass windows, so much that they’ll go out of their way to spend their money at bars, hotels, and restaurants where they’re located. With stained glass restoration, Salt Lake City business owners can make their leaded glass windows look like new again and easily get the attention of potential customers.

Everything Your Business Needs to Know About Stained Glass Restoration

Sometimes, when businesses move into a new historic property and they see stained glass windows that look a little dusty or neglected, their first instinct is to get rid of them. They’re either worried about the cost or the effort to restore it. But the thing is, getting started with stained glass restoration in Salt Lake City is easy, and the results are more than worth the work.

What’s the Process?

The process for restoring stained glass is tedious and technical. There are only a select few individuals who are knowledgeable enough about glass making in order to handle the job. And, on top of that, sometimes the process can take weeks, if not months. But trust us, it’s worth it. And the repair expert will do all of the work for you. This includes removing the unit, cleaning it, taking it apart and repairing it, then putting it back together and polishing it.

The Benefits

Restoring stained glass can be beneficial for businesses because:

  • It’s a unique architectural feature that grabs attention
  • It’s great for maintaining a vintage, historic look
  • People love to book events at places with stained glass
  • It’s often profitable to preserve stained glass
  • How to Get Started

    The first step in getting started with stained glass restoration is to set up a consultation. This gives you the chance to meet the technicians who will be performing the repairs. And it also gives the technicians the chance to see the windows and get an idea of their condition.

    Schedule an Appointment

    Get started with stained glass restoration in Salt Lake City by calling our team today to book an appointment.